Our mission is to GROW food sustainably that TASTES fresh and CONNECTS the community to a local food source.

A LITTLE ABOUT our farm practices...

Rolling Bounty Farm is a woman-owned and operated micro-farm in South Kitsap County, WA. We are a Certified Naturally Grown operation active in planting and cultivating fruit, vegetables, and herbs using bio-intensive organic practices. The farm strives to sustain life above and below the soil and creates an environment that showcases our commitment to supplying healthy food for you.

What is Certified Naturally Grown and why did we choose to get certified? CNG is similar to organic certification because it requires compliance with the standards for organic certification. Recognition is received through annual peer-review inspections given by other CNG farmers. We believe that being certified is a great label to help showcase our commitment to sustainability. We are happy to tell you more about CNG at any time.

The farm does not use synthetic chemicals for fertilizing, weed suppression, or pest control. Instead we adopt cultural practices that sustain and regenerate the land like converting to no-till, cover cropping, crop rotation, trap crop and insectary rows, rat terriers for rodent control, and many more noninvasive techniques. We lead with transparency and welcome anyone to check out the way we farm.